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Functional and distributed noob, systems architect, cofounder/organizer of PolyglotVancouver, organizer, and chaser of frisbees.

Joined March 2013

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    If home ownership is a dream that's dead as per : we need big changes to renters rights to reflect that.

  2. Reading Paxos Made Simple, in the introduction Lamport cites himself, and only himself, and does so twice.

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    let's make America great again

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  5. When did Vancouver rain get all hardcore? It's supposed to just mist, or drizzle.

  6. Are a number of people who like work from home compensating for the lack of private offices?

  7. True Fact: Donatello is the best ninja turtle.

  8. When did I start finding little people cute?

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    Me: This dating app is weird, it keeps suggesting middle aged men. Housemate: Why are there 94 cabs outside?

  10. OH: "revenge is a dish best served sweaty"

  11. "Boing!" (the sound a leap year makes)

  12. OH: "Netflix is the necromancer of TV shows"

  13. Pan pizza kinda night.

  14. OH: "the ring of neglect"

  15. PH: "You flush it, I touch it" City water sanitation employee

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    SF man feuding with his neighbors pulls the ULTIMATE AIRBNB TROLL: moves into their place

  17. There is a serious lack of non-commercial common spaces in this city.

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    We've posted some talk proposals up on 's web site! - what do you think?

    • @DeirdreS

      People connector. Woman with opinions (all mine). Work on cloud . I do and tweet about technology, among other things. Had breast cancer. Over it.

  19. TFW it's not even 10AM, you've hit your usual sites, and there is nothing interesting to read.

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