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Engineer. Entrepreneur. Mother. Finance hacker. Co-founded and . Benevolent with and . Writing for .

Vancouver, BC
Uniuse febreiro 2012

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  1. The room is filling up for an evening with WealthBar.

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    Join us Nov. 25 for a meet & greet at ! We'll chat about wealth over wine!

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  3. Still undecided? Neat overview as it pertains to personal finance.

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    : Lunch for your office is on us. Book a lunch & learn with WealthBar this Nov.

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    Today is the day! Founder/CEO speaking at w/ .

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    Free advice is never cheap CEO on Watch full interview here

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    discusses MONEY and how it effects us with Financial Expert

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    Why you should say no to mortgage insurance, by

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  9. . I used to be a big customer, but I am done. A brand that cannot stand behind their quality deserves to go out of business.

  10. . To say I am outraged would be counterproductive, but I will not forget that and will definitely share my bad experience.

  11. . This is the lowest degree of quality integrity I've seen in a clothing store. You are pretentious, low quality brand.

  12. . I have a pair of pants that disintegrated after 5 wears. Since it's been > 10 days, the store is not willing to exchange.

  13. How Canada's revamped Universal Child Care Benefit affects you by via

  14. Have you considered using a robo-adviser? Here are 5 good reasons why you should by via

  15. . does not charge extra for soy milk. I'm pleasantly surprised. I find the surcharge elsewhere a bit of a discrimination.

  16. Join in this Tuesday for Lessons in Leadership "Leveraging Your Worth"

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    And to all a good night!

  18. . I am excited to be a part of such a great event and share my story with

  19. rechouchiou

    A Guide to the 2015 Canadian Federal Budget

  20. Tea Nicola seguiute , , e 12 máis
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      Scuba diver and instructor, IT security professional, salsa addict and a student of languages

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